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We sifted through off of Barstool's pizza reviews and found only the ones from Monmouth and Ocean counties (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

Yep… we sifted through all the nonsense to get the local goods… and we present to you:  All Of Barstool’s Pizza Reviews From Monmouth And Ocean Counties!

So, you’ve heard of this Dave Portnoy character and his “one bite” pizza reviews… He even has turned his phrase into a line of frozen pizzas!

We know the best pizza comes from Jersey… and this guy knows it too… because most of his pizza reviews come from the Garden State… Seriously, it’s like he’s camped out and found out our secret:  Jersey Pizza Rules!

But, you wondering if he’s hit any pizza joints here on the Jersey Shore?  Well, wonder no more… Because below you’ll find a list of all of Barstool’s pizza reviews from Ocean and Monmouth Counties.

Barstool’s Pizza Reviews

There’s a ton, so scroll down and find the likes of Vic’s in Bradley Beach, Maruca’s in Seaside Heights, Three Brothers, Brooklyn Square and Pete-n-Elda’s / Carmen’s Pizzeria in Barstool’s pizza reviews.

Dave Portnoy totally has a style and type of pizza that he prefers and if you don’t happen to agree with that style, then you’re going to hate his rankings so much you’ll want to hit us with a full pepperoni stick.  However, if you agree with him once, you’ll have a great time watching him review your favorite Jersey Shore pizza joints as they turn up on Barstool’s pizza reviews.

There’s no Grandma pie here, there’s no crazy toppings like pineapple or anything like that.  Plain, thin crust and hot, right out of the oven is how this guy rolls. And since that’s how I roll, I tend to agree with the guy. He’s made his “just one bite” pizza ratings a social media sensation but the problem is, there’s a bunch of chaff among the glowing pizza reviews. Occasionally, you’ll get a slice review from a state better known for cowpie as opposed to pizza pie.

And, if you allow me to complain for a second, his “one bite” thing is a bit of a reach.  The guy takes one bite… and then another bite, then a third and fourth.  Then he chomps on the crust.  Before long, it’s nearly a full slice.  But whatever.  Ya can’t argue that it’s a catch-phrase and a darn good one!

That’s why we’ve collected only the reviews from Monmouth and Ocean counties. So get a small soda and enjoy.  And if you think we missed a recent review from Barstool’s pizza reviews, please hit us up so we can add it!  Thanks!

UPDATE:  Since this was first published, some of the locations have gone out of business.  I have updated those locations with each review.

  • From Asbury Park... Medusa Stone Fired Kitchen

    This place in Asbury Park has since closed, according to the Asbury Park Press and the restaurant’s social media:

  • Also from Asbury Park... Johnny Mac House of Spirts... Where every drink gets you a free personal pie.

    Johnny Mac’s quickly became an Asbury Park must-visit when it opened on Main Street.  The interior decor and fun Irish vibe make it a great place to hang, even just to read the stuff on the walls.  But that whole deal of a free pizza with a drink purchase is totally awesome.  Find Johnny Macs at 208 Main Street.

  • Dave hit a bunch of places in Asbury because Talula's in AP got this rating.

    Talula’s in AP claims to the “neighborhood sourdough pizza place” and their menu is got a bit of a modern take on the whole pizza thing.  But it doesn’t stop at pizza so it’s a decent stop for a group with varied tastes.  Find them in the heart of the Cookman business district at 550 Cookman Ave, #108.

  • And, in Sea Bright in Monmouth County... Dave hit up:  Sea Bright Pizzeria

    Quality pie looks to be on the menu at this Sea Bright dough-joint since 2006.  Sea Bright Pizzeria is well regarded in Monmouth County and love by summer lovers and locals alike.  They’re at 1068 Ocean Avenue.  Reviews from the general public include the words, “hidden gem” and “best in the county”.

  • Also in Sea Bright... Tommy's Tavern and Tap by the bridge got this rating.

    Tommy’s Tavern and Tap is a regional chain with a large, varied menu. People rave about the white pie. They’re at the north end of the Sea Bright business area at 1030 Ocean Ave… right where the new bridge is being built. They get mentioned by a lot of people for a spot to catch the sunset.

  • Red Bank made the list for a stop... Here's Dave's one bit from Urban Coalhouse

    “Former Brooklynite brings old-world brick-oven pizza plus roasted chicken wings & more to Red Bank.” or so they say. In addition to Red Bank, there are locations in Brick and Hoboken. The Red Bank location is at 2 Bridge Ave, that’s the location that Mr. One Bite hit up.

  • From deep in the heart of Monmouth County... Grana Pizza Cafe in Matawan

    Since I first published this list, this location has closed.

  • Monmouth County, got a bite from Dave at Lincroft's Luigi's Famous Pizza

    In what seems like a very hard thing to accomplish, Luigi’s claims to be able to deliver, “nationwide”.  There’s a boat load of local pizzerias that call themselves Luigi’s.  This is the one in Lincroft at 650 Newman Spring Road.

  • You bet Long Branch turned up on Dave's radar when Nunzio's got a stop...

    Since the 1950’s (according to their website) Nunzio’s has been a family favorite in Long Branch. Clearly he had heard of this New Jersey pizza joint before he popped in to do his “One Bite” pizza review.  You’ll find Nunzio’s at 230 Westwood.  Closed Monday and Tuesday like all great pizza places should.  Might I suggest the “Headstrong” pie… because part of the proceeds go towards a mental health project for veterans with PTSD.

  • Back to Asbury Park for a sec.  Dave hit The Galley

    You’ve likely driven past The Galley dozens of times without knowing it because this place is located on the busy Memorial Drive.  1313 Memorial.  Quote “This is real food, in a casual setting! We hope you enjoy! Everything is homemade and made to order, so bring some wine or beer and relax to some good tunes and fishing/Surfing shows on the TVs!”  Their burgers look pretty damn good too.

  • Some people drive to Bradley Beach for Del Ponte's... Here's what Dave had to say.

    This ‘za is the thing of legends. It’s like you haven’t tried pizza unless you tried Del Pontes… Not sure if you agree with that, but surely this place has fans who put it high on their list of pizza joints. Theirs is a coal fired oven, people say that fuel gives the pie it’s special taste. Others say it’s the sauce. Find Del Ponte’s at 600 Main Street in Bradley Beach.

  • Dave's trip to Bradley Beach had to include Vic's Italian Restaurant.  But if he didn't get the chopped antipasto as a starter he missed out...

    I gotta admit in the spirit of full disclosure: Vics in Bradley Beach is my jam. The Old-school Jersey vibe, the chopped antipast, the wait staff who are really nice but also seem like they’d push you in front of traffic if they needed. I thought Mr. One Bite’s review was a bit soft, myself. But, like I said: I’m biased.

  • Did Manasquan's Squan Tavern make as high a grade as you think it deserved?  See....

    “Landmark”, “Can’t wait to return”, and “server was attentive and polite” are just a few of the clips of positive reviews that caught my eye.  Anyone who knows anything about local restaurants knows Squan Tavern is a place you’ll always find something to enjoy.  Find the Squan Tavern at 15 Broad Street.  Since 1964, that’s quite a run for a great local spot for pub fare.  How’d Mr. One Bite do?

  • And, of course the great Rosie's Pizza turned up for "just one bite"... in Point Pleasant Beach.

    This place sells out. Say what? Yeah, they sell out on pizza almost every day. At least they did the few first times I tried to order from ’em. “Yeah, we’re sold out today, try again tomorrow”. I honestly had never heard of a restaurant “selling out” of a product before I tried to order from Rosie’s. Interestingly enough, a former Rosie’s worker just opened up a pizza place in Belmar and the early reviews (not Mr. One Bite, but still) are good. So, order up from Rosie’s early and get some great pie.  Everyone who tries

  • When it comes to boardwalk pie... gotta stop at Three Brothers From Italy in Seaside Heights...

    Well, that didn’t go well.  “This is boardwalk pizza.  This is 3am, sh!tfaced pizza, stuff your face…”  Not much love there.

  • Another pizza institution on the Jersey Shore:  Maruca's Tomato Pies

    “Best pizza on the Jersey shore” is what they say for this legendary place that has roots since 1950. Four brothers from Trenton created a pizza joint that get’s recognized far and wide. Wear their t-shirt outside of the state and you’re probably gonna run into someone who’s had their tomato pie. Find them at 601 Boardwalk in Seaside Heights.

  • How did the "one bite" rating deal out when Dave hit Red Bank's Nicholas Barrel & Roost?  Watch:

    I dunno, restaurants that have a ton of stuff on the menu AND INCLUDE pizza sometimes don’t do the pie very well.  The menu at Barrel & Roost is definitely varied.

  • Also in Red Bank... Zoni's Coal Fired Pizza...

    This “Brooklyn Brick Coal Fired Pizza” is rocking the Middletown area, just north of Red Bank at 287 Rt 35, Red Bank… just over the bridge. The owner is responsive and gets fired up about training his staff well.

  • Jackson, New Jersey:  Dave hit you up at Brooklyn Square!

    Not so fun fact, I tried and tried and tried to get an order in to the Jackson location of Brooklyn Square (there’s multiple locations). Their phone was always busy. When I FINALLY got through and placed my order, I rolled over at the specified time only to find that they somehow lost the order. I never went back. Oh well.

  • And, of course... you can't talk pizza on the Jersey Shore without mentioning Pete and Elda's / Carmen's Pizzeria

    This multiple Shore Award winner is famous for its thin crust pizza. Some people find it absolutely irresistible especially fresh out of the oven. Yep, eat the biggest size and get a free t-shirt that will be recognized around the whole country. No joke. Find ’em on Route 35 (officially at 96 Woodland in Neptune City).

  • A family tradition in Freehold: Federici's

    Freehold, New Jersey has this amazing family restaurant in the downtown area:  Federici’s.  Man that’s some good ‘za (if you ask me).  Lemme tell ya something:  If you go here and don’t order the pizza you should have your head examined.  Did Mr. One Bite get the rating correct?

  • Staying in that area: Frankie Feds Pasta House is well known for a taste "straight from Momma's Kitchen"...

    The OTHER place in Freehold. Frankie Feds, the 2024 Shore Award winner in the category so you know they have their fans. Interesting, because the other stuff on the menu gets as many mentions as the pizza in reviews. The review, did it miss the mark? You tell me.

  • Also in Freehold: Romeos

  • Dave apparently made a central Monmouth run down Route 9 because Dusal's showed up with this review...

    Also rolling in Freehold is Dusal’s at 345 West Main. The vibe here is kinda old school (but nowhere near as old school as Vic’s in Bradley Beach). 4 stars over at Yelp, so that’s a good sign.

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