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Over the last year or so I’ve really begun to get into Alkaline Ionized Drinking Water. Obviously there are a lot to choose from, but which is the best ?

My buddy Doug started drinking this perfectly PH balanced water quite a number of years ago, and I often asked him why? Did he have some real scientific insight into how much healthier this stuff was than your regular bottled spring water, or even tap water? Or was he just being a dreaded “water snob” ?

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His answer back then is quite similar to my reality now. The water just made him feel better. Yes, it does. Alkaline water makes me feel better. More hydrated, more energized, more, dare I say, balanced? Look, I’m no scientist, so lets show a little research from folks who do know what they are talking about!

According to the website https://simplyhealth.io Alkaline Water has many health benefits that other waters don’t deliver. When the water is put through the electrolysis process to become ionized, the water clusters will be half the size that they are in regular water. These smaller water clusters make the water easier to absorb in the body.

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Furthermore, it provides negative hydrogen ions to the body, which acts as an antioxidant, speeding up the healing process. Also, it clears out excess acid, detoxifies, and can even help in battling genetic and seasonal allergies.

I just know it makes me pee….A LOT. Which, according to my research, is a good thing, and can help with weight loss, skin moisturizing, and overall digestion.

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So now that we know all the benefits of this high priced H2O, which is the best? They ones I drink all have some level of PH balance going on, and I read that over 9 PH is a good thing when it comes to your ionized hydration. The addition of electrolytes is also a benefit not found in most regular spring water. So with that info at hand, lets jump into the Alkaline Water pool.

By the way, for you classic baseball fans, did you ever notice Alkaline is Detroit Tiger great Al Kaline’s name? Yeah me neither.