This Friday we celebrate the one and only Festivus. If you’re not into getting your Christmas tree up with all the lights and ornaments but have a love for the popular show Seinfeld here are 5 ways to get you ready for Festivus.

  • 1: Get the Festivus Pole:

    All you need is an aluminum pole because you need the strength and weight ratio, that comes from Frank Costanza himself. The pole should stay plain and you can even buy one at I would just say to make your own.

  • 2: Get the Festivus Dinner Ready:

    Got to get the meatloaf ready as staying true Seinfeld episode, and don’t forget the lettuce that is laying on. 

  • 3: Don't forget to let your guest know!

    Oh, and make sure to let them know about all the times they’ve disappointed you this past year.

  • 4: As you host you have to make sure your grade one of your guests and wrestle.

    It’s part of Festivus to make sure someone at the party gets pinned down. The Festivus really gets to bring out the best of us, and if you pick your wrestling partner and they say NO they better have something better to do. 

  • 5: You always have to say all the stuff you do that day is a Festivus Miracle:

    For example well, I drove an hour to get here and it was a Festivus Miracle I didn’t hit that guy in front of me. Or it’s a Festivus Miracle I did all this cooking and didn’t burn the house down. It’s A Festivus Miracle I told myself at the local liquor store, we are really going to need that extra 30-pack and some more hard alcohol. 

  • Make Sure You Say it from the top of your lungs...

    Happy Festivus For The Rest Of Us!!

  • #MakeFestivusOfficial

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