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Carl Craft

The school year is about to start and that means homework, learning, school sports, extra-curricular activities and kids back to seeing friends and all the fun that comes along with that. It also means mental health challenges for kids of all ages.  This week, I’m launching a daily interview with one of our community partners to discuss mental health, suicide prevention and the upcoming A.F.S.P Out Of The Darkness Community Walks at the Jersey Shore.

The two walks in our area are in Atlantic City on September 9th and in Belmar on September 23rd.

I have been personally affected by suicide.  My good friend John Jackson killed himself one winter morning just a few blocks from where I broadcast the Morning Rat Race.  It still makes me cry.  In fact, just writing this blog post is very hard for me.  I’m still confused.  I’m still sad.  John was a police officer in Neptune, New Jersey, he loved metal music (“Up the Irons, Carl!”) and he was a terrific beach volleyball player – was going to be on the WRAT Volleyball Team the following season.

One thing that has helped me deal with the loss of my friend has been to participate in the past few suicide prevention walks presented by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  I ask you to please consider donating to my walking team for this coming walk on September 23rd.  To donate, please click here.

The mental health struggles of school kids of all ages are real.  From peer pressure, to pressure to perform well in school and sports, to bullying both in school and on social media life for a student can be a train wreck.  We have seen far too often the tragically sad results of what happens when mental health struggles are not addressed for our students.  Kids have lost their lives.  It’s heartbreaking.

In this season of new beginnings for back to school, I hope this interview with Liz Clemens helps provide some inspiration and resources for parents, students and school administration for tools to prevent suicide.  Not just kids, though… for everyone.

Liz is the New Jersey Executive Director of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

  • There's An Unspoken Bond Between People Who Are At The Out Of The Darkness Walk

    The bond starts as a tragic and horrifying moment.  But over time the bond changes and develops into one of love and support for each other.  Liz’s story about seeing two moms embrace at one of the Out of The Darkness Community Walks For Suicide Prevention is an emotional reminder of the pain and the strength of the people who walk with us.

    Listen as Liz describes how two mothers met at one of the events.

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  • The Out Of The Darkness Community Walks On The Jersey Shore Are September 9th and 23rd

    I invite you to not only donate to our Rat Pack walking team but to also join us at the Jersey Shore event on September 23rd.  The event that I’m walking in begins and ends at Bar Anticipation in Lake Como.

    The event is filled with love and support for people from all walks of life who have been touched by suicide.  And there’s lots of great information to receive on tactics to stay involved for yourself and your friends and family.

    To donate to the Rat Pack walking team, please click here.  

    Carl Craft speaks on mic.

  • What To Do If You're Concerned For A Friend

    Had I known for a single minute that my friend John was struggling, I really feel like I could have helped.  I think that’s part of my sadness.  But I’m also not exactly sure what I would have done to help… but there’s lots of info on the AFSP website that can give us an idea on what to do.

    In this clip, Liz Clemens – New Jersey Executive Director for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention discusses this important topic.

    To Donate to the Rat Pack walking team, please click here.

    Lots of people

    Lost of people get involved with the event!

  • Special Info Available For High School Students and Their Parents

    Last school year was tragic on the Jersey Shore.  So many influences challenge kids on a daily basis.  The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has created an online resource called Seize The Awkward.  It’s a good resource for anyone interested in more information on how to start a conversation.

    Hear Liz explain more here:

    To donate to the WRAT Pack walking team, click here.

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