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Carl Craft

Some great holiday light displays in our area could be right around the corner!

My neighbors a few houses down the street from me used to put so many lights on their house during the holiday season I swear you could see their house from outer space.  It was cool as could be!  If your neighbors go all-out with holiday decorations in December, let us know because I just might add them to this cool list of houses with amazing holiday light displays in our area.  Some of these places have been entertaining the neighborhood for years, others are new-comers to the holiday light scene.  Either way its totally fun to make a trip through the neighborhood to check them all out.

Once you crack the seal on holiday decorating it’s hard to put a lid on that vibe.  Every year they come out with another cool thing to add to your holiday light collection.  Everyone who gets into this part of the holiday spirit seems to go bigger each year.  The light displays get more intricate each season.  The lights get brighter every year.  Or they add music and then add synchronized music to the mix.  We’re making Clark Griswald proud here on the Jersey Shore with some of these awesome holiday lights displays in our area.

If you’re planning on creating an awesome holiday light display to amaze your neighbors here’s a few tips from HGTV:

  • Make a diagram of your plan to get an idea going.  Put your plan on paper.
  • Measure where you’re planning on putting your lights.
  • When hanging lights, work from the top down.
  • For extra safety, use grounded “power stakes”

Beyond those useful tips, the sky is the the limit on your holiday light show.

Some of the displays we’re about to show you are so popular that local police are out on the streets to manage the traffic going into the neighborhood.  Because some of these displays are so popular, it’s important to be careful about traffic.  Drive slowly, watch for pedestrians and if you’re the driver keep an eye on the car in front of you.  We wouldn’t want a fun trip  to see local holiday light displays in our area to turn tragic.

  • Casqueira Holiday Light Show

    The Casqueira Holiday Light Show is located on 843 Downey Drive in Brick, New Jersey.  These folks really light up the entire street.  Not only do they light things up for the Christmas holiday season, they also go out big time for the Halloween fans in Brick.  One peek at the family holiday light show social media and you’ll notice that they get excited for their Christmas holiday light show soon after Halloween.  They post updates and fun info to follow along as the light display comes into the season.  Downey Drive in Brick looks like a, “must stop” if you’re planning an evening of driving around to check out neighborhood holiday light shows.

  • Lights On Glendale

    I’ll tell you what, this family goes way above and beyond the call of the holidays with their neighborhood light show.  For Lights On Glendale it’s more than a light show.  They have at least one Santa appearance and even a Grinch appearance or two.  Their social media is loaded with people commenting about how much their whole family enjoyed the light show.  This show in Manalapan is a definite stop by for Monmouth County residents. Add it to your list if it’s not there already.  You’ll find Lights On Glendale at 13 Glendale Drive Manalapan, New Jersey.

  • The Cooks Christmas Lights

    The Cooks set up their display in northern Ocean County, Jackson to be exact.  Like a lot of holiday funsters, they change up their display every year so if you went to it last year, this year will be different.  A tweak here, a major update there… They’ll keep you on your toes with their holiday light display.  Find their social media here or drive over to 1 Carlson Court in Jackson, New Jersey.  The display is up throughout the holiday season.


  • Fazio Family Lights

    We’re off to Whiting, New Jersey for the next stop on  this holiday lights tour.  The Fazio Family light show is at their location at 1860 Trenton Avenue in Whiting (08759).  Like many of the light shows on our list, a low power FM radio signal carries the music programming for the coordinated light show.  This works out great because when the music is via the car radio, it doesn’t bother the neighbors.  There’s no speakers to maintain, no volume to keep the kids up at night.  Look for the lawn signs to see what the low power FM frequency is.  But, always remember to turn it back to 95.9 The Rat when you drive away from the display!

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