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In a nation divided, we can all agree on one thing. Nachos are friggin’ awesome! We’ve found some of the best the Jersey Shore has to offer.


In my opinion, a good plate of nachos brings people together. Sharing a plate of nachos at the pub over some beers, watching the game or just shooting the shit is one of life’s simple pleasures.

Guy Fieri's Late Night Goldbelly Party At SOBEWFF 2022

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However, a good plate of nachos must actually be “a good plate of nachos”. Recently I had an order that tasted great at a place I love, but a place that made the cardinal sin of nachos. That is misproportioned ingredients! As you can see from the photo below, the chef was just a little too heavy-handed with the chili! In fact, too much of any of the ingredients on a plate of nachos can take the dish from great to only so-so.

too much chili nachos

Speaking of ingredients, let’s go over the staples of a good plate of nachos.

It begins and ends with the chips. Round or rectangular, blue corn or yellow, from the fryer or from the bag, they have to be strong! A weak tortilla chip will end your nacho game before it’s even started. Thankfully, most restaurants don’t have that problem, serving hearty vessels to carry the delicious combo of goodness to your gullet. Next is the cheese.

I’m not going to dive too deep into this, because frankly, it’s all good in the hood. I love all cheeses, and if somewhere out there someone is putting blue cheese on nachos, I’m trying them! Whatever cheese you please, it’s got to be melted, plentiful, and hopefully multi-layered so there is enough to sustain the full nacho experience.

Guy Fieri's Late Night Goldbelly Party At SOBEWFF 2022

(Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for Goldbelly)

Everybody into the pool…er, the plate!

Moreover, the veggies, a spot where many plates of nachos can and do go wrong, need to be well proportioned, and placed properly. I like a good mix of diced tomato, red onion, black olive, green bell pepper, and some FRESH jalapenos.

Finally, the accouterments can make or break a nacho dish. I like pico de gallo either on the dish or off to the side. Saucy salsa can stay in a ramakin off to the side, as can the sour cream for waste watching people like my wife, who loves sour cream but likes to get her own dose. Gauc on the side, however, fresh avocados can be sliced right on top. Last but not least, I’d love a sprinkle of fresh cilantro over the top and some lime wedges. That combo takes any nacho plate to the next level.

Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

That’s how I like MY nachos. How do you like yours?

Some folks a skeeved by olives. Others are not down with the sickness when it comes to tomatoes. Many people are allergic to avocados, while others are a bit scared of onion breath. I get it. Meanwhile, I  myself, like chili on my nachos, but not too much. I’ll even take a good nacho plate with pulled pork, grilled chicken, rare tuna, or no meat at all. As long as the proportions are good.

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Here are some of my friends and coworkers’ favorite nacho places. Maybe yours is on the list?

  • Max Devros “Tin Can Nachos” 142 Main St, Manasquan

    Yes.. they are actually served in a tin can. BUT, they flip this big tin can over at your table and the delicious nachos pour out like little pieces of heaven falling onto your plate. Cheese, black beans, olives, jalapeños, sour cream, and guacamole all come standard… then my friend, you can add either chicken OR bbq pulled pork! YES, they are actually as good as they sound… but the unique way these nachos are served is almost our favorite part!


  • 10th Ave Burrito "Pork Mole' Nachos" 801 Belmar Plaza, Belmar

    All your favorite toppings are on this one.. but when you add the pork mole – WOW, a game changer in the nacho department.  They have a delicious and authentic mole sauce at 10th Ave… do yourself a favor and make sure you try these nachos the right way! And don’t forget to add a watermelon margarita… or just a beer… but again, if you’re going for it, then GO FOR IT.

    10th Ave Burrito Pork Mole' Nachos

  • Beacon 70 Two Great Nacho Options 799 Route 70 Brick

    You got two options here and you can’t go wrong with either! Pulled Chicken Nachos or Beef Short Rib Nachos… both options loaded with flavor… I’m salivating thinking about them. Let’s just say this from the jump, they don’t just slop a small amount of chicken or short rib on top of the nachos… it’s dispersed nicely over the chips with the rest of the toppings. And a side note, the chips are hearty… which is very important to hold a good bite.



  • St. Stephen’s Green Publick House "Kettle Chip Nachos" 2031 Route 71 Spring Lake

    We’re going Irish Kettle Chips here. Is it technically a nacho? Survey says… yes. At the core of “nachos” we’ve got chips and cheese… so here’s the irish version. Homemade kettle chips that are topped with crispy bacon, melted irish cheddar and bleu cheese, and topped with scallions. I-rish I was having these right now… don’t sleep on ‘em!


  • Leggetts Sand Bar "Nachos Your Way" 217 First Ave Manasquan

    To be honest, they’re nothing *fancy*, but they nail these things every time. You’ve got your choice of beef or chicken chili nachos, topped with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, jalapeños, and sour cream. They come out on a hot plate, so you know those babes were just heated to perfection in the oven, and the crisp-brown edge of the chip further confirms this. They also offer half or full sizes… and you know we’ve gone “half” as a one-person snack before during football season. But if you’re sharing (& have a friend who doesn’t like everything) – Leggetts has always been great about putting a topping “on the side” if you ask!


  • Kelly’s Tavern "Nachos Supreme" 43 Route 35 Neptune City

    As our promo guy Atomic Rob says, “These are this biggest plate of nachos I’ve ever seen!” His personal favorite is also many folks fav at this Jersey Shore Legend. So next time you’re not quite in the mood for a Rueben the size of your head, go for the nacho plate the size of your torso.

  • Mcintyre's Pub "Irish Nachos" 1747 Hooper Ave Toms River

    They were a staple of the old menu, then one day they went away! The crispy exterior and soft insides of the Irish cottage fries, along with cheddar, parm, tomato, bacon, and jalapeno… Mmmm, It can’t be beat, and now IT’S BACK thanks to new owners Pat and Genesia.

  • Marina Grille "Tuna Nachos" 905 Route 35 Belmar

    A few co-workers went to lunch there recently (not holding a grudge that I couldn’t go or anything…) but they came back raving about these Tuna Nachos. “Ohh the siracha mayo… oh the ginger glaze… ohh the crispy wontons”; alright I get it! To quote these self-proclaimed foodies, “perfectly shareable portion size, fresh tasting, and worth whatever they cost because not a single morsel was left!” I trust ‘em on this one…

  • Klees Bar & Grill "Blackened Chicken Nachos" 101 Boulevard Seaside Heights

    Huge portions, fresh Jalapenos , and if you get it with the blackened chicken instead of their homemade delicious chili, you have taken it to the next level!

  • Crust & Crumble "Italian Nachos" 633 Lake Avenue Asbury Park

    Italian Nachos! It’s a whole new world of nacho here, people!! Crispy pasta triangles topped with a four cheese sauce, sausage, cheese, olives, tomatoes & parmesan. Crust & Cumble is a great restaurant for all our gluten free friends – so ask about making these GF!

  • The Break AP "Tuna Nachos" 1000 Ocean Ave Asbury Park

    While their nachos with Short Rib also could’ve made the Nacho List… we opted to put the Tuna Nachos on the list instead! The Ponzu Marinated Ahi Tuna was fresh, delicious, and cut to perfectly sized bites. And speaking of bites… pile on the cabbage, seaweed, scallions, sesame seeds, avocado, and THAI CHILI SAUCE on the wonton with the tuna… *chef’s kiss* as they say. When you’re eating a meal right on the boardwalk in iconic Asbury Park, looking at the ocean, this is exactly the snack you want to be enjoying. And don’t sleep on their cocktail menu… creative, fun, & yeah, they taste good, too!


  • Azteca "Chorizo Nachos" 1633 Route 71 Belmar

    As authentic a Mexican restaurant you will ever find at the Jersey Shore. Try them with Chorizo for a spicy enjoyable meal.

  • Mexico Lindo "Loaded Nachos" 2063 Route 88 Brick

    Full disclosure: this is my daughter’s favorite place to get nachos and just about anything else authentically Mexican. I’ve taken out food from here many times and it always rocks. Order ahead. It’s always busy in this little storefront.

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