Chihuahua Pet Was An Accomplice With Owner During Burglaries Out In Canada.

Even though we idolize our favorite musicians, there is one way to tell that they are just like us, and that is that they love their pets! I know we have all done it, you can’t help but post that adorable photo of your fur baby online! Maybe you even have a whole separate account dedicated to your pet. No matter what they deserve to be shown off! And the same goes for celebrity pets too.  

These cats and dogs can be just as famous as their owners. One post and they’ll already have more likes than any of us could ever dream of getting in a lifetime. Imagine that: a dog is more famous than you… not like there aren’t already many famous animals out there.  

Clearly, people love animals, so musicians showing a little love to their pets is sure to get a lot of engagement. I have to be honest though, it was a little difficult to find some of these pets… we’re pet people here, tell us everything! We want to know the details! What is their name, when is their birthday, are they a rescue? And let’s get some more cat representation! I know dogs are the go-to pet for most people, but as a cat owner myself, I’ll always advocate for them. 😉

Despite the lack of social media presence for most of these famous pets, below are musicians we did manage to find with a post about their pets. Some got more of a spotlight on their owner’s pages’ than others but we’re happy to see them nonetheless! While most of the pets shown are dogs, the last one must be the wildest celeb pet I’ve ever seen. Do you think you can guess who it is? 

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