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NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 15: General view of the exterior of the Blockbuster store hosting a press conference announcing The Weinstein Company's deal with Blockbuster Inc. for exclusive rights to rent theatrical movies and direct-to-video titles on November 15, 2006 in New York City, New York.

Good morning, Rat Rock Nation!  Davey Mac here with another fun list for ya!  Based on the positive feedback we’ve received for the 11 Commercials That’ll Flash You Back To The ’80’s…we’re gonna do the ’90s now!

We’re talking all of your favorites…from a famous Budweiser catch-phrase to a legendary NBA icon…we’ve got some great ’90s advertising gold that will give you all the nostalgic feels.  From the camera angles to the insane energy (were we all on stimulants?), this list will have you yearning for a simpler time!

Nowadays, good commercials are really a lost art form.  I like some of those Geico ads…and the Liberty Mutual ones aren’t bad…but most are pretty blah in my opinion.  No personality!

But that wasn’t the case in the ’90s.  These commercials are insane and pumped with energy.  So enjoy…it’s time for 11 Commercials That’ll Flash You Back To The ’90’s…and it starts…right now!

Davey Mac

Davey Mac in 1993


  • Slim Jim: Randy Savage (1996)

    Let’s get this list started with some excitement!  And nothing can get you pumped up more than wrestling legend Randy “Macho Man” Savage yelling at you to bite into a Slim Jim!

  • Hungry Hungry Hippos (1994)

    I don’t know if they gave these kids 40 grams of hardcore sugar but, man, this Hungry Hungry Hippos game (and commercial) is intense!

  • Gatorade: Be Like Mike (1992)

    While Jordan was awesome in the ’80’s, he became a cultural icon in the ’90’s…and this Gatorade ad was hella famous.

  • Budweiser: "Wassup" (1996)

    It was either the “Wassup” guys or the frogs for Budweiser…I’m going with “Wassup” because it’s still fun to say!

  • Mentos: The Freshmaker (1994)

    Very odd commercials that seemed to be made outside of America…these well-known ads were later parodied by the Foo Fighters for their music video “Big Me.”

  • 1-800-Collect (1994)

    Collect call?  What’s a collect call?  Well, kids, it’s when you have no money and no phone and need to make a call.  Sounds complicated, I know…

  • Super Soaker (1996)

    Super Soakers revolutionized the water-gun game forever and I’m still using them to this very day.

  • McDonald's: Skateboarding With Ronald (1999)

    The influence of Tony Hawk in the 1990’s was very real…he even got Ronald McDonald skate-boarding!

  • Blockbuster Video: Wow, what a difference! (1992)

    I wish Blockbuster Video still existed.  For real.  Where I live in Spring Lake Heights, my go-to Blockbuster (on the corner of Route 35 and Allaire Road in Wall) is now a Whole Foods.  Oh, well…

  • Coca-Cola: Polar Bears (1993)

    People went nuts for this ad when it first came out.  Don’t forget, computer graphics were still pretty new to the world and folks were blown away by these soda-drinking polar bears.

  • Pepsi: Cindy Crawford (1992)

    Legendary commercial featuring the greatest supermodel of the decade and Pepsi.  Well done.

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