The Morning Rat Race

2 Sep 2000: Ronald McDonald at the launch of the new McDonalds restaurant in the casual dining section of the Athlete's Village in Homebush, Sydney, Australia. (Photo: Nick Laham / Allsport) Mandatory Credit: Nick Laham/ALLSPORT

Good morning, Rat Rock Nation!   We were discussing old commercials on the air somehow…and I thought I’d make a list!   We’re looking at the Top 11 Commercials of the 1980’s!

We’ve got your classic fast food and beer ads and more.  I mean, I’m sorry, they just don’t make commercials like they used to.  For instance, there is a real lack of mascots these days.

It seems instead of classic characters, you get regular people like Flo from Progressive or Lily from AT&T of the Wendy’s gang.  But where are the CHARACTERS?!

Well, this list is gonna give you plenty of good ol’ fashioned TV fun!  So check it out!

– Davey Mac

  • Miller Lite Tastes Great! No, It's Less Filling!

    Miller Lite’s series of “Tastes Great Vs. Less Filling” put celebs and athletes of the times against each other as they debated this pivotal American issue.  Personally-speaking, I always took the Tastes Great side.  Screw the Less Filling people.

  • Wendy's: Where's The Beef?

    At one point…the old lady in these Wendy’s commercials was the most famous person on Earth.  Her classic face and delivery of the line “Where’s the beef?” made her a household American star.

  • McDonald's Hamburglar!

    I don’t know why McDonald’s stopped with these type of ads…it’s like they had their own cinematic universe!   And the Hamburglar ruled!  He had his own getaway car and everything!  Bring him back!

  • Good ol' Folgers

    Ahhhh, Folgers.   Always good to start your day with a nice cup of coffee in the U.S. of A. Especially if you live near horses.  And hills.  And sunrises.  Very picturesque commercials.

  • Hungry, Hungry Hippo!

    If you were a kid in the ’80’s, you would know that Hungry, Hungry Hippo is the most intense game…hell…the most intense EXPERIENCE…in the world.  This commercial accurately captured the insanity which was this fantastic game.

  • Kool-Aid Man!

    Kool-Aid Man was like a bad acid trip come to life.   Better drink your fruit punch, kids…or Kool-Aid Man will haunt your dreams.  He looks evil…and he breaks through walls…he’s coming for you, kids!!

  • Juicy Fruit: The Taste Is Gonna Move Ya!

    Chewing Juicy Fruit was not simply enjoying some gum.   According to this commercial, chewing Juicy Fruit is like inhaling laughing gas.   These people look nuts.  I’m not sure if this gum is laced with PCP or something, but apparently Juicy Fruit makes one happier and more crazed than the Joker.

  • Zestfully Clean

    It’s simply not pragmatic nor safe to put a shower head in your recording studio.   Electrocution is likely.  Do not attempt.

  • Right Guard:

    Anything besides Right Guard would be so…uncivilized.  Between Charles Barkley, Marvin Hagler, and Hulk Hogan doing the commercialsthese ads rocked.

  • Do You Have Any Grey Poupon?

    Apparently only really, really rich people like Grey Poupon.  This ad was satirized in countless TV shows and movies…it’s almost weird to see the actual commercial itself.  But here it is!

  • Coke Is It!

    I’m not sure if these guys are drinking Coke or inhaling steroids but the effects seem similar.  Apparently, drinking this delicious soda will give one superpowers.  Use them responsibly.

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