Occasionally, we may forget something in the house, at an establishment, or maybe in your ride share. Uber released their seventh annual Uber Lost & Found Index. It shows which items riders leave behind the most often.

“As we head into another busy summer of travel, and hang on tight while Mercury makes its way back into Retrograde (which astrologists say influences forgetfulness), we’re back with the seventh annual Uber Lost & Found Index,” stated in a new release.

If you’re the type to lose stuff, you might want to be extra careful on weekends. In the U.S., some of the most forgetful days of the week are Saturday and Sunday. Keep your guard up in April: April 5 and April 9 are the most forgetful days of the year. Coming in at third is New Year’s Day. And the most common time of the day to report lost items is 11:00 p.m.

Certain lost items that peak on certain days. People are more likely to forget chargers on Mondays, passports on Saturdays, or  groceries on Sundays.

Uber highlighted the most forgotten items, the most unique lost items, and the most forgetful cities. Their data also provides a snapshot of which times of day and days of the week riders forgot items the most.

Most forgotten items

They explained that the most forgotten items include clothing, phones, backpacks, wallets, headphones, jewelry, keys, books, laptops, and watches.

When it comes to their most forgetful cities, Jacksonville, Florida is at the top of the list. Followed by San Antonio, Texas, and Palm Springs, California. Out of their top ten most forgetful cities, Florida is the only state with two cities listed which include Jacksonville (#1) and Miami (#6).

Most unique items left behind

Those featured among the most unique things left in Ubers include a Danny DeVito Christmas ornament, a fog machine, an ankle monitor, small stone-carved whales, Britney Spears fantasy perfume, two fingernails, two pet turtles, a bidet, and others.

Take a look at the full 2023 Uber Lost & Found Index here.

Here are the top oddest things people leave behind in an Uber.

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