Vets Prevail
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November 9201212:00 am
Monmouth & Ocean Counties, , , ,

Of the over two million Service Members who have recently returned from deployment in support of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, an estimated 600,000 will develop mental health issues, primarily posttraumatic stress disorder. The men and women in this new generation of veterans are accomplished, hardworking leaders, who deserve to return to a country ready to support them in the often tough transition to civilian life. Right now one-third of vets with mental health issues receive only minimal care, while another third get no care at all. With 18 veterans committing suicide every day, help is needed.

Vets Prevail is a free, anonymous online mental health tool that helps today’s veterans transition to life after military service and tackle the many challenges they face. The service is being provided to all veterans in New York City in partnership with Give an Hour, a national nonprofit organization that provides free and confidential counseling to veterans, service members, and their families.

Visit to learn more and enroll in the program. To seek professional help or to join Give an Hour’s network of licensed mental health providers visit