It’s time to get your Flu Shot
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January 1201212:00 am
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It’s time to get your Flu Shot! Vaccination is the best protection against contracting the flu. According to the website, which provides comprehensive government-wide information on the flu, everyone 6 months of age and older should get vaccinated against the flu this year. The flu is a contagious disease which affects the lungs and can lead to serious illness, including pneumonia. While pregnant women, young children, older people, and people with certain chronic medical conditions like asthma, diabetes and heart disease are at increased risk of serious flu-related complications, even healthy people can get sick enough to miss work or school for a significant amount of time or even be hospitalized. Flu seasons are unpredictable. They can begin early in the fall and last late into the spring. As long as flu season isn’t over, it’s not too late to get vaccinated, even during the winter. Getting a flu vaccine is the best way to protect yourself and your family.