Belmar Hurricane Relief Distribution Center is now open
  • This event has passed.

November 3201212:00 am
Belmar Arts Council Building, , , ,

Belmar Mayor Matthew Doherty has announced that a Hurricane Relief Distribution Center is now open. The Hurricane Relief Distribution Center is at the Belmar Arts Council Building at the corner of Seventh Ave. and River Rd. (608 River Rd.) and will receive donations. The center is a place for the public to bring donations to assist those in Belmar affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Belmar residents in need of care and supplies should report to the gymnasium at 601 Main Street for free food, water, clothing, care kits and cell phone charging stations. The gymnasium is open from 11am to 7pm daily.

Belmar officials stressed the ongoing need for flashlights (with batteries); shelf stable food such as canned tuna fish, peanut butter, and granola bars; baby food and toiletries.

Professional food service vendors who wish to volunteer on-site outdoor cooking operations and food service delivery, should contact April Claudio at 732-681-3700.

Mayor Doherty also asked that anyone able to contribute to the financial relief effort towards Belmar’s recovery visit