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On Today’s One More Thing 7-26-22

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream on topic on how they meet and became friends. This is really funny cause they say how they were the biggest and slowest kids in gym class. How unreal is that !! So ice cream, frozen yogurt ,sorbet,it is all good and we can’t thank them for all there great flavors. These guys started the company back in 1978 in Burlington Vermont. Little do people know that Jerry comes up with all the flavors not Ben. Its really one of the best ice crams on the market. With all the heat we have been having i sure use some Ben and Jerry’s right now. I thank them from the bottom of my heart that they were not the fastest in school , nor the smartest, nor skinny. That’s how friends come to be and look how it paid off for them. So raise up a Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream and say thank you for everything you guys created. Love all the flavors they share with us too. 

That’s One More Thing on today’s Morning Rat Race 7-26-22 

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