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On Today’s No Sweat News 8-9-22

Story Number 1: What ya think of a 67 year old man robbing banks? Well dateline Maryland where a guy named Steven Gass was arrested last month and was charged with not one but several bank robberies around him and where he lived. He has been labeled as the ” Old Man Bandit” not cause of age but because he has been robbing banks for 45 YEARS !!  this one has been going back to 1977. He has even pleaded guilty to robbing another 19 banks. Thank you Steven Gass for making today’s No Sweat News.

Story Number 2: Well get a load of this guy over in Houston. Sunday night a 26 year old named Josue Vega decided to take an ambulance for a joyride. Yup you guessed it he is no EMT, he stole it and went to a drive through at a fast food place and crashed into a car. The driver of the car he hit even said ” wow look at this ambulance coming around the corner and it’s coming in really fast” Lets also mention Josue crashed into 3 other cars at ANOTHER FAST FOOD RESTAURANT !! No need to say but Josue yeah buddy your getting charged with a felony and we will look for you in court. 

Story Number 3:  This might be something out of WW2 movie. But the story goes as a pilot of a crop dusting plane was doing his thing and someone starting to fire a gun at his plane ! A guy named Donald Bates Jr who lived next to the farm he was crop dusting walked out of his house an he decided to flip off the pilot and was really angry at the plane for flying so low and said it was to close to his house. He was so angry he pulled out a shotgun shot into the plane hitting the fuel tank, and the nose of the plane.  Thank God the pilot was okay and called the cops when he landed. Donald admitted he was one that was holding the gun and intimidated the pilot but also said he never shot at the plane.  How did the holes get there? Another witness said they heard up to 15 SHOTS ! so the police did the right thing an arrested him He is facing a serious charge such as attempted murder charge. 

That’s Today’s No Sweat News and thank you for rocking out with 95.9 The Rat on The Morning Rat Race. 

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