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08:31 Download August 8th, 2022

On Today’s No Sweat News 8-8-22

Story Number 1: Well look at this big jerk, story goes like this. Dateline Everett Washington and police there are looking for a guy who went to a kids lemonade snack stand and picked out $15 worth of stuff. Then he paid the kid with a $100 bill. So he got his $85 bucks worth of change and left. This kid whos name is Jeremy was so smart and should work for The Secret Service noticed the paper on the bill felt and looked funny and went to a nearby gas station and the clerk said yes its a counterfeit bill. There was a camera nearby Jeremy lemonade stand so the police do have some what of an idea what this guy looks like, but yet has been caught. In a good final ending a GoFundMe page that has already raised Jeremy $11,000 !! So good for Jeremy and the great people that donated.

Story Number 2: Well it’s FL capital of The No Sweat News, this guy needs to put down the pipe and get some help cause he used the worst excuse ever. It looks like last Thursday a 31 year old guy hitting a glass pip and when police came up to him he had stated ” HEY OFFICER METH IS LEGAL NOW !!: Bad news for that guy cause its not, and he is be charged with drug possession charges, not to mention he was trying to get away from police so now he got hit with resisting police. He was also arrested 3 months ago for meth and drug paraphernalia. Im sure the judge will throw the book at him for this one.

Story Number 3:  This is just crazy !  A man posted some fliers up offering up ” A FREE REFRIGERATOR” He say’s it looks and works great to. Not one but two catches come with it. One you have to pick it up. Two  IT”S POSSESSED BY HIS DEAD STEP MOM ! What in the world? The flier say’s ” My Stepmother had a heart attack in the kitchen in the middle of a storm and her soul was transferred into our smart fridge. He say’s she has been commented on how many slices of cheese he has eaten or even if he put the lid back on. This story might be a prank though cause the number on the bottom when called brings you to an appliance store. The people at the store got about 100 calls already about the cursed fridge and they really don’t know anything about it.

That’s Today’s No Sweat News, study up for the quiz on Friday morning and thank you for rocking out with The Morning Rat Race on 95.9 The Rat.  

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