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On Today’s final No Sweat  News 8-4-22

Story Number 1: Dateline Ohio. a women says she has a recording of Big Foot doing his howls or his mating call or the Big Foot might be a female. Suzanne F from Ohio  says she has even seen Big Foot cross a local road back in 2013 as she has been studying Big Foot for a bit now. Carl and Dave do have the audio that you can listen to and I don’t know it most certainly seems like some kind of strange being out there. But a local researchers have just might have let down Suzanne cause they say it would just a wild coyote out there calling out to his pack. Give it a listen and let us know what you think it is.

Story Number 2: Dateline FL 9 Capital of The No Sweat News) Well Disney World a women claims herself and a bunch of other guest got stuck on the ride ITS A SMALL WORLD  for over an hour and Disney never stopped playing the song !! At that point i would jump ship and make sure they have something for my head when I got back. Can you imagine listening to ‘ITS A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALL” for that long. Yeah  no thanks. 

Story Number 3 : Final story of the week here and it goes like this, and I’m scared about this. We have another shortage, no it’s not toilet paper, no not hand sanitizer, no not beach chairs but Carbon Dioxide !! Well if your a beer lover like us you should know that most beer in a can, bottle, or kegs uses bulk C02. The Carbon Dioxide makes the carbonation and little bubbles also the foam at the top. The Co2 prices are going up and that means we might be paying a lot for beer now or some of these local brews might be and this is why I’m scared might be shutting down !! OHHHHHH NOOOOO.

That’s Today’s No Sweat News on 8-4-22 your prize tomorrow on the No Sweat News Quiz will be your chance at a pair of tickets for Rat Fest tickets at The PNC Bank Arts Center on September 10th with the boy’s from Shinedown to headline and Jelly Roll to open. Study up and thank you for always rocking out with 95.9 The Rat.  Quiz happens just around 7 am on The Morning Rat Race. 

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