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On Today’s No Sweat News 8-2-22 

Story Number 1: What would you do with a 1.3 BILLION MEGA MILLION LOTTERY TICKET ?  Well it looks like someone won it and they didn/t come forward so they asked what ya think they did with the money. So they went out and did the poll and got these results, 24% of people say they would invest the money, 20% of people would put it in their savings account and 18% would share it with family and friends. 11% say they would give to charity. Only 8% would spend it on themselves and have a blast !!  What’s your thoughts on this ? 

Story Number 2 : Some crazy guy out in Brazil decided he wanted a new nose. So he went to You Tube and tried to learn how to get a new face. Didn’t turn out well cause his nose got all jacked up and infected. That’s right he did the surgery himself. he didn’t even use gloves or clean the wound at all. The local doctors treated the infection and sent him home, they also referred him to a specialist Also they got him to see a therapist. 

Story Number 3: Date Line San Francisco, where 41 year old named Josh Smoak decided he didn’t want to go to jail. He drove a SUV recklessly in a parking lot. So when the cops showed up they realized he had a warrant out for his arrest! they tried to arrest him but he fled the scene but did it on a crazy way. Yup he try to flee on a paddle board !!!!!!!! We guess he hit 3 miles and hour, but the cops did follow and got him about two blocks away and he came out of the creek. He was locked up  for vandalism, and assault. He is also facing charges for obstruction, giving false identity and even got hit with theft charges for stealing the paddleboard. So today we say thank you Josh for making today’s No Sweat News that great. 

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