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On Today’s No Sweat News 8-10-22

Story Number 1: It looks like Wendy’s want to get us breakfast ! Don’t know why this took so long to get on the menu. But lets say this is a SWEET breakfast item to add to the menu. Get this how about French Toast Sticks you can even dip them in syrup. Now a couple years ago they did add a couple breakfast sandwiches for their breakfast menu. But coming up on Monday August 15th and it’s just in time for the kids to head back to school you can enjoy them. They will have a four piece or a six piece options also if your really hungry go with the combo that will get you the French Toast Sticks with potato wedges and a nice drink to wash down the breakfast. So thank you to Wendy’s for taking care of our sweet tooth. 

Story Number 2: Dateline NY, where is the New York Blood Center has came up with a crazy idea for you to donate blood. Check this out The NY Blood Center is teaming up with there local breweries to offer you a free beer when you donate. I would advise you don’t drink it right after you give blood, but they are calling it a “PINT FOR A PINT” so you can do a huge great deed and donate blood and have a fresh NY local beer to help out the cause. Now here at the Rat we do enjoy our beer so how pints of blood you think we can donate at one time? 

Story Number 3: Dateline Michigan where a couple girls were out having fun but got to carried away. Here is the story and its hard to picture this one, An officer in Michigan was out doing his job on patrol when he notice a car that was behind him and two women in the car. He took a closer look in the rearview and saw something kind of odd going on in the front seat. The one girl in the passenger seat was sitting backwards also had no seat belt on and TWRKING ON THE DASHBOARD ! That’s right she was dancing on the dashboard. So the cop did pull them over to see what in the world was going on and that’s when he noticed two plastic cups in the hands of the girls. When asked what was in the cups the driver of the car said ” It’s  just filled with juice ”  And I’m sure you can guess what the cop asked after that. YUP you right “Is there booze in the cup?” Why yes officer there is !! Oh boy and the story does not end there cause he also saw a bottle of tequila on the passenger side floor board. Both of these party girls were handed tickets for having open alcohol containers in the motor vehicle . No word yet if they were hit with any other charges such as a DWI but maybe that is still coming there way. 

That’s Today’s No Sweat News on 8-10-22 

Don’t forget to study up for the No Sweat News Quiz on Friday morning just around 710 am for your chance to check out Rise Against with the Used and Sense’s Fail at The Stone Pony Summer Stage this Sunday August 14th. 

Thank you for always rocking out with your friends here at 95.9 The Rat. 

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