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Story Number 1 : Dateline FL Capital of the No Sweat News, 28 Shane stole a bunch or rare coins but could not find anyone to buy them he sold about 5 or 6 . These coins are worth about 33 thousand dollars !! He got really smart cause then he went to one of the coin machines better known as Coin Star. He got the face value of them not the value that they were worth. So he got ripped off and cops were easy to track down Shane cause of security cameras. He got busted really hard by the FL police department. Bye Bye Shane and thank you for making the No Sweat News really special. 

Story Number 2 : Dateline San Fran where a couple got a ticket for a parking in a “Red Zone” but it was not red when they parked, it looks like they stopped went into Town Square and it looks like the people who work for the town must have painted it while they were in the building. The couple even pointed out that right were there tire was rubbed up against the curd did not have any paint on it so another words they painted right around the outline of there car. They are fighting this 150 buck ticket. 

Story Number 3 : Dateline Chicken wings !! Yummy but an interesting fact that the best flavor Chicken wing sauce is not Buffalo which is a big shock. Coming in at number 1 is BBQ sauce !! and don’t forget Friday is national Chicken Wing Day. Number 2 is Ranch flavor wings, The spicy Buffalo sauce flavor comes in at number 3. Its a crazy fact and get out and enjoy your favorite wings this summer. For one iv never even seen Ranch wings only the dip that we dip those in. 

That’s Today’s No Sweat  News for Wednesday the No Sweat News and don’t forget to study up and get ready for a chance for Incubus and Sublime With Rome  tickets at PNC August 6th on The No Sweat News Quiz on Friday just around a lil after 7 am. 

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