NO SWEAT NEWS 7-25-22 Download

03:54 Download July 25th, 2022


Story Number 1: Dateline Cali where a banner plane crashed in in the ocean, about 30 yards off shore and he was lucky cause there was a life guard competition going on !! So they jumped into action and saved him and it looked like his hair didn’t even get wet. So we say thank you and maybe play the Bay Watch theme song for those brave life guards who really stepped up and are hero’s to that guy. 

Story Number 2: Dateline China were some one broke into a home and lived there for a few nights before the new owners could even move in and get situated. He was making himself right at home, he made is meals in the kitchen an everything. Cops were puzzled cause they didn’t have any leads to go on. Here is were it gets funky, They noticed a mosquito splatted on the wall and saw that the mosquito had bitten the guy and there was blood on the wall. Well the police ran the blood back at the station and what do ya know, they knew exactly who he was from the DNA. Not to mention they have been looking for this guy for a long time from other crimes he has done. 

Story Number 3: Dateline England , Well looks like someone spread some pot seeds into the community garden. The staff that looks after the garden noticed some pretty big pot plants growing and they pot plants were with the other flowers that the community help said they must have been there for a bit cause they really grew fast. She was watering them pretty much everyday. They are trying to figure out if was hemp and maybe a bird might have dropped that off. 

That’s today’s No Sweat News, Don’t forget to study up for the quiz on Friday morning just around 7 am. The prize this week Incubus tickets with Sublime and Rome. 

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