NO SWEAT NEWS 7-21-22 Download

05:00 Download July 21st, 2022

On Today’s No Sweat News 7-21-22

Story Number 1 : Well this just sounds all wrong when Velveeta is coming out with a Cheese infused Martini !!  They even named it the “Veltini” it does include Velveeta stuffed olives and Velveeta stuffed shells and then the bar tender even puts a cheese dip around the rim of the glass. OHH MY LORD.. I love cheese but mixing it with a Martini no thanks. What will they think of next ? 

Story Number 2 : People have been going to Google since we have had a heat wave coming our way 115 degrees in some parts of Texas. And in Europe forget about it they are just sweating every last drop of liquid out of their bodies. Well many people have been going to Google to figure out if heat causes diarrhea !! Hahaha but yet the answer is YES !! The other questions to Google are can heat cause headaches, and can heat cause nose bleeds all the answers are YES. Also people have been hitting Google up with can heat cause my dog to have diarrhea? The answer is still yes and lets keep the dogs out of the heat and in AC. 

Story Number 3: Dateline Mars: YES THE PLANET Well NASA just announced that the Rover’s space craft front camera just sent back some very interesting pictures of what looks like some kind of coral, with various tentacles in some kind of strange looking ball. It has never been seen before and NASA is very excited to see what it is. Mabey Mars once had an ocean of some sort ? Well they soon learned that the weird looking coral was just a left over piece of string from when the Rover landed on Mars… 

That’s Today No Sweat News !! Now tomorrow  on the No Sweat News Quiz four stories will be read and one Carl will make up and you spot the fake your going to The Black Keys show at PNC with maybe a meet and greet to hang with the band. Good Luck from 95.9 The Rat. 

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