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Jersey Rock Weekly Podcast Episode 129 Download

26:58 Download November 29th, 2020

Every Sunday at 6:00 pm 95.9 The Rat’s Jersey Rock Weekly Podcast brings you the latest music and interviews from the local bands who make NJ rock! Check back each week for a new episode or subscribe to the Jersey Rock E Newsletter through Club Rat and have it delivered straight to your e-mail!

On this week’s show:

We kick things off with a cut from Big Tom And The Guns special Thanksgiving Jersey Rock Home Showcase performance!  Learn more about the Jersey Shore’s unofficial band of Turkey Day at! The Jersey Rock Home Showcase continues every Thursday at 9:00 pm at! We’re always adding new bands to the schedule.  Stay on top of it HERE.

Connor Bracken of Connor Bracken And The Mother Leeds Band calls into the the show!  They recently released their “Nightbird Motel” album.  Check it out at and keep an eye out for a Jersey Rock Home Showcase performance from Connor Bracken And The Mother Leeds Band this December!

We rock a killer cut from Rahway’s new EP “Slumlords Of NJ”! The release was recently featured on the Jersey Rock on-air show and the video for “Stone” is a recent Jersey Rock Video of the Week.  Learn more at!

G.E. from Readymade Breakup calls in to the show! He just released an awesome new EP that was but together by members of The Blakes and Readymade Breakup. “Readymade Blakeup” is available for free now at  Keep an eye out for an on-air feature in the coming weeks!

We close thing out with a rad tune from Kingston And Greystarr’s debut EP “Covered In Glitter.” It’s available now on Main Man Records.  Learn more at!

Check out last week’s podcast!

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