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Welcome to the free money party!  It’s a party because everyone’s invited and it’s free money because The Money Shot is back with thousands and thousands of dollars! Get your share of The Money Shot every other hour starting at 8am!  How’s a cool $10,000 bucks sound? Damn skippy, you know it sounds good!

Here’s where we tell you to pay attention and read on because there’s some tips on winning written below.

Starting April 5th we’ll be announcing a Money Shot code word every other hour beginning at 8am until 8pm… So, that’s 8a, 10a, Noon, 2p, 4p, 6p and 8pm.

Each time we announce a new Money Shot code word, you have a chance to win $500 and you can enter to win $10,000.

What to do:

  1.  Set all your speakers to 95.9 The Rat.  Listen on FM radio, on the Alexa, on our App on our website, on
  2. We’ll announce the Money Shot code word at about 8a, 10a, Noon, 2p, 4p, 6p and 8p
  3. Put the Money Shot code word on the Money Shot page (available on our App as well) and you could win $500 and you’ll have another entry in on the grand prize of $10,000
  4. You can text the Money Shot code to 45911 but that’s only good for the $500, not the $10k

Remember this TIP:  The home office will be contacting all winners in this Beasley national contest so keep an eye on your phone… If you see a call from a number you don’t recognize PICK IT UP!  It could be us with five hundred bucks for ya.  If you don’t pick up, you don’t win squat.

The $10,000 grand prize winning phone call goes out on Monday, November 1st at 12 noon.  Watch for your phone to ring!

Good luck!  Spend that free money wisely!  Or don’t!  We don’t care!