The Ten Thousand Dollar Money Shot Contest! On Air & Online

When you think "money" what's the one thing that comes to mind?  If it's, "put some more in my pocket" then BOY DO WE HAVE A CONTEST FOR YOU!

The Rat is proud to announce The Ten Thousand Dollar Money Shot contest

What is it?  It's your chance to take home some cha-ching from a $100,000 prize pool!

5 Chances A Day To Win $1000 Plus One GP Winner Scores $10,000 

There's two ways to play... and one of 'em has a TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR GRAND PRIZE that comes along with it... Here's how to play The Money Shot!

  1. Set you radio's to 95.9FM or stream us online, on your Alexa speaker or on our APP
  2. Listen at 8a, 11a, 1p, 4p and 6p
  3. We'll announce "The Money Shot" code word at those times
  4. Text that code to the number 45911 and you could win $1000
  5. Enter the code on The Money Shot page on the WRAT APP or website and you could win $1000 and you'll be in running for the $10,000 grand prize.

To review:  Enter to code on our APP to be eligible for the $10,000 at the end of the contest!

Be sure to check the official rules (below)for any specifics... and make sure you check out the tips for winning:


  1.  Use the WRAT APP.  Yeah, you can win $1000 by texting the code... But the APP entry method lets you win $1000 and enter the grand prize
  2. Make sure you ANSWER YOUR PHONE if it rings in the 20 minutes after you enter because it could be the home office with some really good news for you.
  3. IF you miss the first announcement of the code word don't get your panties in a bunch:  We repeat it a few times after the next song.
  4. See tip #2.  Seriously, we can't tell you how many people told us, "I didn't recognize the number, so I didn't pick up."  THAT WAS PROBABLY US!

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