Today’s W.T.F Question: Answered

Gentlemen.  Lend me your ears.  If for just a moment. Your mother is special.  She's been there for you since day one.  She is the embodiment of the word, "L O V E". But it's time you started living without depending on her for everything.  Before I tell you the answer for today's W.T.F Question let me just say that I'm shocked by what some people thought the answer could be... The question:  11% of adult men still go to their mom for help remembering THIS.  What is THIS?  The answers that were suggested on our Facebook page that concern me most are:  Laundry  (really?  You can't do your laundry?!) His own wedding anniversary  (Dude, there's no excuse for forgetting that!) His wife's birthday (ahem, see #2) How to tie a tie (If you're stuck, go to youtube) Now that I've dragged us in the mud, allow me to agree with one of the most popular answers for today's W.T.F Question.  That was "blood type".  Full disclosure:  I have no idea what my blood type is.  And, now that my mom has passed away... I may never find out.  Yikes. The correct answer for today's W.T.F Question:  Remembering their social security number.  Which is also pretty f'n lame.  That's supposed to be a natural, guys.  If you need your momma's help with that, it's time to put on your big boy pants.   Here's a fun look back at other W.TF Questions: [select-listicle listicle_id="871277" syndication_name="look-back-at-w-t-f-questions" description="yes"]