One More Thing

WATCH: Did You Know Mobile Phone Throwing Is An International Sport?

Well, throwing your phone out of anger might get you a prize in Finland !! In 2000, it became a sport over there and they set a world record too. A guy named Dries Feremans set it by throwing a cell phone 110 meters (which comes out to be about 360 feet.)   The phones are supplied by the sponsors and you get to pick what phone you want to throw. During the sport, you get judged on throwing distance and technique. Now the person throwing the phone has some rules to follow with staying in the throwing area and if they step out of that area the throw will be no pun intended but thrown out. This sport does let men or women do this and even kids can play at 12 and over. Now when the jury comes in with the final say you can not protest it all. Most of the people who compete do the traditional over-the-shoulder throw and whoever throws the furthest is the winner. It does have a team of 3 so I say we get a Rat team together and get over to Finland and get it going. And there is no drug test too. That’s today’s One More Thing On The Morning Rat Race! [select-listicle listicle_id="817744" syndication_name="concert-tickets-sales-since-1980" description="yes"]