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Shinedown and Papa Roach Do Amazing Pop Up Set After Festival Cancelation

Did you see these videos floating around over the weekend?  They're pretty awesome.  Shinedown and Papa Roach did an acoustic set with some of the other festival performers after the Blue Ridge Rock Festival was canceled due to weather. The performance is cool because it was done without the aid of a sound system to amplify the musicians and it turned into a giant sing-along with those in attendance.  It was a true pop-up. Fans who bought tickets to the weekend-long event were hoping to see some of their favorite performers.  Bands like Shinedown, Papa Roach, Slipknot, Pantera, Five Finger Death Punch, Evanescence, and Staind were all scheduled to perform. The Blue Ridge Rock Festival was canceled abruptly due to severe weather that swept through the area, however, some local fans are claiming that there were other circumstances involved in the cancelation like poor planning and overselling of tickets by the organizers of the event. Regardless of the reason for the show's demise what you'll see below is the artists' successful attempt to bring a bit of the music to the people.  On a makeshift stage, with a tiny barrier between the artists and fans and with very little security, members of Shinedown, Papa Roach, and Oliver Anthony did a selection of songs. This version of Lynyrd Synyrd's, "Simple Man" turns into an epic sing-along with the crown.  Brent Smith of Shinedown, leading the crowd as only he can. The crowd joins in on a great version of, "Second Chance" Papa Roach performs Scars on the small stage.   Pseudo internet sensation Oliver Anthony performed on the Friday night segment of the festival which wasn't cancelled due to rain.  He came back to join in and perform his song, "Rich Men North of Richmond". While the crowd had a genuine issue with the over-selling of tickets and other complaints; they did get a moment that was really special.  Plus, bad weather is always a reason to keep the band back on the bus. [select-gallery gallery_id="232371" syndication_name="the-wrats-acoustic-nutcracker-ball-featuring-brent-and-zach-of-shinedown" description="yes"]

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