Guitar Month

How To Get Your New Guitar Home Safely

So you've saved and saved and it's finally time to buy the guitar you've always wanted. One problem: It's on the other side of the country, or worse yet, the planet! She wasn't cheap, after all, so it's not like you have the money to fly over and pick her up in person. So what's…

World’s Biggest and Smallest Guitars

In honor of Guitar Month, we are taking a look at the world’s largest and smallest guitars. No matter the size, the guitar has been around for thousands of years and has continued to harmoniously serenade the masses. Whether the size of a single cell or the size of a warehouse, the guitar continues to…

5 Big-Money Guitars

"I am the Great White Buffalo and I play an American-made Gibson guitar that can blow your head clean off at 100 paces." Whatever that means, Ted Nugent. Now to the world's most valuable guitars and other Great White guitar-playing Buffalos. Here's a top five:

An Ode To The Sideman

Being that it’s “Guitar Month,” it’s easy to get distracted by all of the Guitar Gods in the world of rock and roll, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t pay tribute to music’s great sidemen.