Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Move Over Breast Cancer Pink Links 3rd Annual Charity Golf Tournament With Gotts

Hey Rat Rockers Gotts and Rob from the Rat's promotion street team were out and about on Monday the 14th to show our love and support at the beautiful Forsgate Country Club and the 3rd annual "Pink Links Charity Golf Tournament" and "The Move Over Breast Cancer" benefit. Check them out right HERE. It was such a wonderful day out there with over a 100 golfers to be out and about to raise money for a great cause. Their mission for "The Move Over Breast Cancer" is to provide safe, compassionate breast cancer support and programs directly to your home. My great friend Paula was on hand and she has the walk in and amazing " Mobile Resource Lounge & Spa," that comes to your house and Paula does wonders and brings light to women who are going through this horrible disease. Paula you are truly Heaven sent and we love you. At the "Pink Links Golf Tournament" they had something I've never seen but Forsgate Country Club had the $10,000 putt challenge. The way it worked was 10 golfers signed up and then were called up one by one to start off at 10 feet and closes to the hole or sink it you advance to the long put for the money, only one person sunk the 10 footer and she moved over to the 60 foot putt and sad to say she didn't get it but it was inches to making it. Here at the Rat we are all about giving back and doing what we can to always help out. Just a reminder Gotts will be going back on the billboard to raise money for "Ocean Of Love" on September 18th till the 21st to help raise money for children that are battling cancer. Our goal is $109,000 dollars so please come out and show your support any which way you can. Get more information by clicking right HERE. Thank you for taking the time out to read this post and as always we appreciate you always rocking out with me and The Rat, get more stories right HERE. - Gotts [select-gallery gallery_id="917894" syndication_name="gallery-move-over-breast-cancer-pink-links-charity-golf-tournament" description="yes"]

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