The Jersey Shore is stacked with great local breweries! Some of our local breweries are known worldwide for their brewing abilities! But we want to know what you think of our local scene.  That’s why our “Brewery Battle” was invented.

A disclaimer before we get started: Please note that in our humble opinion every single one of our local brewmasters is the king and queen of their craft. Each one is a winner in our eyes! We love how our local breweries have a sense of cooperation and solidarity with each other. There are great examples of this solidarity in local beers brewed cooperatively between breweries. Or even a bunch of local brewmasters creating beverages that support a local charitable organization. The local scene is stacked with good-hearted people who have good intentions for the Jersey Shore. There are even examples of guest brewing and recipe sharing.

Now that our disclaimer is wrapped up, we can get into the nitty-gritty. Check out the bracket below and vote for your favorite local brewery in each pairing. Winners move into the next round and we will raise a glass toward those who don’t get to continue. Come back for each round of voting!

Sponsored by Jersey Shore City Brew Tours. Jersey Shore City Brew Tours wishes all the breweries the best of luck. We will see you all soon!