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Man and daughter on a charter boat out of Brick, New Jersey, had a brief interaction with a Great White Shark just off our coast.

Hey, I get it… Great White Sharks live in the ocean.  But this Great White tried to steal their catch.

I just don’t want to think about them when I’m in there with them… and it’s videos like this that make me kinda jumpy.  LOL!

A guy and his daughter were out on a charter fishing boat out of Brick, New Jersey.  They were pulling in sea bass pretty good when they had a Great White Shark encounter.

Check out the video below.

While they had the catch up near the boat – just about the moment that you’d drop a net over to get the fish out easily and safely – the oceans apex predator swam up to the surface to try to take a taste of the catch.

Yikes!  Clearly Jaws didn’t get a bite to eat here so presumably he’s still out there looking for a snack.

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