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Hey, Rat Rockers we have a question here and please let us know what your answer is.

I was out and about and a couple of people were sitting at the bar next to me having this conversation and trying to decide if North Jersey is just called Jersey and South Jersey is called New Jersey?


What about Central Jersey? I always say yeah “I’m living Down The Shore,” because I do live in the beautiful town of Belmar.

I’m guessing there are a couple of ways you can answer this one, and at any rate, I was listening to a bunch of people respond and it still could not be decided on who was in the right and who was in the wrong.


I do know all about how North Jersey says the Taylor Ham and South Jersey says it the way I do Pork Roll! But if someone does come up or you’re out of state do you say you are from Jersey or New Jersey?

Either way, you respond I would love to know what part of “Jersey” or “New Jersey” you are from.

Gotts Asbury

The people that were having this discussion were from North and South Jersey so I did hear a lot of different opinions on it and now I’m curious about what your answers are going to be. To me, we are all American.


Thank you for reading this post and can not wait to read your response on this. As always I appreciate you always rocking out with me and of course 95.9 The Rat, Much Love – “Dirty Jersey Gotts “LOL.

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