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Guys don't know a lot about their wives!

Today’s What’s That Fact trivia question continued on the path of proving just how much we guys don’t know about women…

To use the word, “clueless” is an understatement.  It’s probably poetic justice that the first person to offer the correct answer was, in fact, a woman!

The question is:  34% of men don’t know their wife’s favorite THIS.  What is THIS?

Some of our favorite wrong answers included:

  • They don’t know their wife’s favorite color.
  • They don’t know their wife’s favorite song.
  • They don’t know their wife’s favorite shoes.

But it turned out that the correct answer is:  Perfume.  34% of men don’t know their wife’s favorite perfume.

Congrats to all the men out there who DO KNOW their wife’s favorite scent…

Look Back At W.T.F Questions

We love the W.T.F Question because it’s a great way to ease into the Monday workday.

The W.T.F Question is a trivia question that always asks the same question… and that question is:  What is THIS?

It’s the best way to slip into the work week, shake off the weekend cobwebs and get your brain started.

So grab your java and a pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwich and join us for a scroll back through the W.T.Fs through time.

  • Something that people keep in their car.

    Facebook had a field day with this one…

    Turned out the answer was:  Toilet Paper

  • Male / Female relationships, question number 1,234

    The answer to this one?  Clean Up.  Because, you don’t do it correctly, guys.

  • Bad news riding shotgun in the car of broken dreams for this W.T.F

    The answer is in the comments…

  • Please, don't say the answer is, "how to drive the damn thing".

    Nah, the answer on this W.T.F was:  their license plate (Guilty as charged!)

  • Here's another car W.T.F that is STUNNING

    The answer was:  How to put air in their tires.  Wow.  That’s incredible.  Losing faith over here…

  • Here's another one that the Facebook audience had a field day on...

    But the answer on this W.T.F Question wasn’t so sinister.  It was, “the cost of the gym membership”.



  • Ummmm... Yeah, I'm just gonna leave this as "age".

    But the answer actually was, “dress size”.  And quite frankly the way sizes change from designer to designer… it’s kinda hard to know!

  • Well well welll....

    Despite all her accusations the answer was, “Lose money gambling”

  • We think it's much higher around here

    WTF 16 times a day

    This WTF Question was easy.


    The answer was:  The average person CURSES 16 times a day.  No way that can be true about us in New Jersey.   We’re way higher than that!

  • Prying minds would like to know


    From their partner

    Yep, they don’t tell them at all.


    The correct answer:  A traffic ticket.



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