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A new Facebook scam is going around pretending to tell you a friend has died... but it's really a phishing scam.

This one is pretty cruel.

Here’s the cruel social media scam that tells you a friend is dead to steal your passwords, your credit cards or worse – your identity.  Thanks to The Morning Rat Race!

As reported here on Distractify, the new scam is that you get a DM from someone you know, someone who is already your friend, telling you that, “someone you know died”.  The message has some crying emojis and a link.  The idea is that if you click the link, you’ll see who it is who died.

But, that’s not what the link does.  The link brings you to a fake website that looks like Facebook and it’s asking you to “log in” to see who died.  And that’s the moment that you get your password stolen and the grifters begin sifting through your social media to see what stuff they can steal.

It’s mean because it preys on our emotions.  When we see that a friend of ours has died we are more likely to panic and click the link without thinking.  That’s exactly what the scammers want to happen.  But, now you’ve been warned.

If you get a message like this on social media, let your friend know they’ve been hacked.  But chances are, they already know.  Because this is one of those things where if you do fall for it all your friends get the message.  So someone probably already told them.


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