Coffee is a morning ritual for many, offering a pick-me-up to fuel our productivity. When it comes to starting our mornings, more than half of us rely on a hot cup of joe to get going. And if we’re in need of a midday mood boost, over three-quarters of us turn to coffee as our go-to pick-me-up.

A survey conducted by market research company OnePoll on behalf of the Flavia hot beverage system, asked workers about their beverage preferences, revealing an overwhelming love for coffee among surveyors. They surveyed 2,050 U.S. adults who work on-site or in an office.

When it’s time to start the workday, people have their go-to routines. The survey mentions that around 60% of people start their workday by getting organized, while 59% take a sip of their favorite beverage to set the mood for productivity. Additionally, checking emails is a top priority for 55% of people.

According to a study, 77% of coffee drinkers rely on two or more cups of coffee to boost their productivity on a workday. Interestingly, nearly a quarter of participants (24%) identified Mondays as the day of the week when they needed the most coffee to kickstart their productivity. Believe it or not, six in 10 people turn to a hot cup of coffee to give their mood a boost while they’re grinding away at work, the study found.

Apart from the popular choice of hot coffee (77%), individuals also enjoy drinking water (70%), iced coffee (64%), tea (62%), juice (55%), and flavored water (51%) during their work hours.

Check out the full study found here.

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