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They say imitation is the highest form of flattery. Now I know what they mean. I think…

This is just insane. A while back, the Rat ran a contest for an AC/DC concert. We did the old “Listen for the AC/DC montage” contest, where we play a bunch of the bands song clips in rapid fire succession. We then take a phone call from a listener who thinks they can name all of the songs played in the montage in order. If they do, they win tickets to the concert. Simple, right ?


However, one of the beautiful things about live radio is that, well it’s live, and anything can and usually does happen. Such was the case the time I took a post montage call from “Bob”. Bob sounded really excited. He was. Bob sounded like he knew who he was talking to. He did. Bob sounded like he was ready to win! He wasn’t.

Like so many of our treasured Rat Rock Nation, Bob got a little, as they say, over his skis. He heard “tickets”, and his natural Pavlovian instincts took over. Bob called me up and tried to win tickets. The fact that he had to have listened to the AC/DC montage and then tell me all the song titles in it got past good ‘ol Bob, and well, hilarity ensued.

I honestly had forgotten all about this call, as I believe it was a few years ago, pre Pandemic, if I’m not mistaken. Luckily, and enterprising young Tik Tokker named Bob Danks not only either recorded the break, or found it somewhere on the interwebs, but he did his own parody of sorts to it. He plays both ME Jimmy Steal the DJ, and Bob the caller from Brick! His timing isn’t perfect, but his acting and facial expressions are impeccable.

I hope you enjoy this shit as much as I did! Thanks Bob..And Bob?


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