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WILDWOOD, NEW JERSEY - MAY 28: Lifeguard boats sit in the sand the day before the start of the Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer, in the shore community of Wildwood on May 28, 2021 in Wildwood, New Jersey. Wildwood, like many beach communities throughout the United States, is looking for a successful and busy summer season after staying mostly closed or partially open last summer due to Covid-19 restrictions. Many resort community retail businesses are also suffering from a shortage of labor as some workers are choosing to stay home and others have changed career paths. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Hey Rat Rock Nation, we all love to get to the beach scene here at the Jersey Shore and love to get in the night life. It looks like one beach really stood out according to a new poll. I have been a NJ shore resident for about 22 years now and I have nothing but love for the people, the scenery, the night life, and of course the bar scene. There are a lot of beaches to pick from on which one you love best, and a lot of the beaches you been too which Im sure you would love to see on that list are not.

For an example the beach I go to all the time Belmar is not, nor is Seaside Beach, or the one I thought would be on the list like Spring Lake how about Asbury Park , or lets head south like maybe Cape May or how about AC beach. NOPE , this time around we say congrats to Ocean City NJ beaches. That’s right now me myself really never been down that way to check it out, but it looks like someone was down that way and said yeah this is one of the nicest beaches to be at.

Ocean City NJ made the list because it looks like it has the best place to live, and the beaches are very clean and even the surrounding areas as well. So Rat Rockers what do you think ? And lets see what your favorite beach is down here at the Jersey Shore? I think this list will grow very fast so make sure you let us know right here in the comment section below. We can’t thank you enought for putting your eyes on this post and as always thank you for rocking out with us and 95.9 The Rat. Your boy Gotts

Bradley Beach Memorial Day Festival