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HAMBURG, GERMANY - DECEMBER 09: A policewoman works at the control center at a police station on December 9, 2010 in Hamburg, Germany. The police officer receives emergency calls and hints on crimes from citizens to co-ordinate the daily operation schedule. (Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

Hey Rat Rock Nation,  here at the Rat we love and support our local police. So we have decided to give you a nice video to show you the lovely top 50 female police from all around the world. These hard working and beautiful women can pull me over any time !

Would love to hear your feed back on your favorite female police officer. If you have ever traveled to some parts of the world did you ever notice a beautiful police officer. Ladies of Rat Nation would love to hear from you too. Maybe you have seen  a good looking guy in uniform. I know my room mate went to Italy she feel in love with every guy who was a police officer. She actually said every male cop was a model. LOL

So let’s show our love and support to law officers and this time we go around the world.  What country do you think have the most beautiful women, keeping our streets safe and crime free. So far I can’t wait to get locked up in Australia, but then again they are all stunning in there own way.

Take a look yourself and you can make the call and then post which female police officer is your favorite and really stands out in your eyes.  I’m leaving the video for you to check out. As always thank you for taking your time out to read and letting us here at the Rat your input. Much love and salute to all Police officers from all around the world and thank you keeping us safe.

Rat Rockers we can’t thank you enough for always being with us and rocking out after 25 years going strong ! We always have your back like these lovely ladies and gentlemen in law enforcement . Much love – Gotts