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Gotts Bar A\

Rat Rockers Gotts here and Sunday is the Big Game ! The Philadelphia Eagles go against The Kansas City Chiefs  and we want to invite you, friends, family over to Bar Anticipation with Gotts and The Rat pack . Bar Anticipation is located on 16th in Lake Como NJ.

Gotts and The Rat pack will be out there Sunday and giving away a bunch of goodies and prizes all from Bar A and The Rat and of course Miller Lite has a lot of great stuff for you to get your hands on. If your 21 older take full advantage of the Miller Lite specials, check it out $3 dollar Miller Lite pints. $3.50 Miller Lite bottles, and of course Gotts favorite.$7 dollar Miller Lite pitchers of the frosty brew !! YUM YUM COME AND GET SOME BABY.

Bar Anticipation always knows how to throw a party, and they are not stopping or holding back on this one. They have so many TVs going on so you won’t ever have a bad seat in the house. Don’t forget to come hungry too cause The Big Game specials will be ready to go for you and your pals. Be sure to check out there website to get more as the food menu keeps getting bigger and bigger for this Sunday.

Bar Anticipation is Gotts favorite place to catch a Miller Lite, but come this Sunday for The Big Game is really going to be just a great time with great friends and people. So if your looking for a spot to catch the Big Game come out to Bar A and meet some new friends or old ones. I would love to do a cheers and beers with ya. It’s always Miller Time on Gotts watch. Don’t forget Bar A did pick up a Shore Awards to watch football too.

Please remember to drink responsible, and never drink and drive. Thank for putting your eyes on this post and hope to see you Sunday. Thank you too for always rocking out with me and 95.9 The Rat. Much Love- Gotts

Gotts Bar A