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LONDON - FEBRUARY 16: A man drinks a pint at the Marquis of Granby pub February 16, 2004 in Westminster, London. With the price of a pint of beer going up by ?0.10 on Monday, before any budget rises next month, landlords warned that the increase would threaten future of pubs in local neighbourhoods. (Photo by Graeme Robertson/Getty Images)


Hey Rat Rockers!! For those that participated in “Dry January”….welcome back to the bar stool!! Now it’s time to hit 2023 with a brand new way of drinking. Why?? Brand new local breweries and brand new local bars.  If you’re still on the wagon no reason to worry get on out and show your love an support to your local favorite spots.

A lot of great things can be said about “Dry January” and some say it’s a great way to start the year. People I have talked to say it just gives your body a rest for a month and not to many things are going on in that month. I myself would as why not wait till February and the reason for that is because it only 28 day’s.

If your looking for some great drinking spots make sure you check out what Rat Rock Nation is in favor with and now nominating there favorite local bar scenes and local breweries, and even check out who is the best bartender  around our area, and to do that you can hit up .

Don’t forget we have a lot of great things coming our way such as St. Patrick’s season is coming our way, which The Rat always looks forward to. Mark it down in your calendar cause on March 5th we kick off “St. Ratsricks” right here in the 2023 Belmar St.Patrick’s parade, which is always so much fun for you and the family and friends. The local bars are open with all hands on deck to get us feed and drinks all around. We kick that off right here on Main St in Belmar/Lake Como.

Don’t forget as you do enjoy a nice frosty brew we do remind you never drink and drive and thank you for reading, and as always thank you for always  rocking out with 95.9 The Rat.

Seaside Saint Patrick's Day Parade