Rat Rockers check this out but it will be a tough find, keep your hopes up though cause if you find a Mermaid you can land $ 1 Million Dollars. Chicken Of The Sea is having a contest on if you can prove that Mermaids are out there and they will pick the winner on March 29th.

The rules are simple, send in a video of a real-life mermaid and to add to it you have to set up an interview between the mermaid and the mermaid expert Dr.Ari Berk of the company ( yes apparently they have that ). Dr Ari Berk is a professor of myth and folklore at Central Michigan University.

Check out the rules and how to be part of it make sure you hit up there website. Keep in mind, ocean animals, and dwelling creatures do not count as mermaids. Now here is something really cool and good on Chicken Of The Sea, if no one does find a mermaid they will donate one million ounces of protein to food banks across the county.

We should get a mermaid search party Rat Rockers. What do you think? As you can tell in the photo I myself have found a couple of mermaids but no they are not real-life mermaids.  As always thank you for putting eyes on this post and thank you for always rocking out with me and 95.9 The Rat.

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