SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 11: An order of freahly cooked Buffalo chicken wings sits on a counter at Proposition Chicken on February 11, 2022 in San Francisco, California. Food supply chain issues are creating a shortage of chicken and chicken wings resulting in higher prices for the popular Super Bowl party snack. The retail price of chicken wings is up $0.30 since last year.

Well Rat Rockers something tells me and in my mind I don’t see Taco Bell with there  newest menu item won’t be getting them a Rat’s Shore Award for best wings. But yes you can now can order Taco Bell chicken wings.  This is only going on for a limited time, so from January 26 through February 9 you can pick up you Taco Bell chicken wings, they are covered in a Mexican Queso seasoning and fried too.

It is all part of the Ultimate Game Day Box special. Hey maybe friends and your family are coming over to watch and catch some football games or even the big game and you don’t feel like cooking, this might have your answer. Plus this Ultimate Game Day Box comes with some other Taco Bell treats too.

How about  one Mexican Pizza, four Crunchy Tacos, and eight Crispy Chicken Wings that are on the bone by the way, with some spicy ranch dressings to get those wings right in there for some extra flavor.

Know I myself love chicken wings so I don’t mind where they come from and when it comes to football action I’m always ready to get me fingers all sauced up. So what do you think ? Mabey next time you pull up to the drive through or you stop in at Taco Bell you can order this Ultimate Game Day Box and tell us right here what you think of them.

I know when it comes to Chicken Wings at my family’s house when football is on those bad boy’s go very fast. Who knows maybe they will knock our socks off maybe turn our heads and will be voting for them on The Rat’s Shore Awards under the category of best wings. Thank you for reading and always rocking out with 95.9 The Rat- Gotts

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