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Plus: The State Wants to Seize “Boom Cars”

COVID update:  State health officials say the transmission rate of COVID-19 is falling across the Garden State.  Officials say the state recorded another 954 cases of the virus and 13 more fatalities.  New Jersey’s seven-day average of confirmed positive tests is down by 16 percent from a week ago and down 29 percent from one month ago.  That means the possible post-Christmas surge hasn’t happened.  There was a surge after Thanksgiving, but not so much after Christmas.

A bill that would let local police seize so-called boom cars — and in some cases, destroy them — is heading to the full state Assembly in Trenton for a vote.  The proposal cleared a state Assembly committee unanimously yesterday.  What’s a boom car?  A car with a wicked loud audio system.  The bill would enable local municipalities to adopt ordinances that would declare boom cars as nuisance vehicles.  This would let police impound the vehicles instead of simply issuing tickets.

The city of Asbury Park is issuing default notices to the local managers of historic Convention Hall for not providing for its upkeep and allowing the building to go into disrepair.  The city hopes a deal can still be worked out to save the structures which include the Paramount Theater and the Arcade area between them.  *(Editors note:  If you don’t mind me saying, Convention Hall was in major disrepair before the current managers took over the case.  It’s a money pit that’ll require public funding to contribute if we’re ever going to be able to use it as a viable venue again.)

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