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The 90s are back. Giddy Up!

The nostalgic love for the 90s cannot be denied. From the continued popularity of long ago sitcoms like Seinfeld and Friends, to the demand for 90’s rock so strong from our listeners, that the Rat now dedicates a whole 9 in a row to the music of that decade with 90’s Palooza, weekdays at 6pm.

One local brewery is taking advantage!

Now comes word that there’s a local brewery getting in on the 90’s craze! Manafirkin Brewing Company will host a 90’s Party on Friday night, February 3rd, from 6 til 10pm! Established back in 2016, Manafirkin Brewing Company is located at 450 East Bay Avenue Suite 2 in Manahawkin. The brewery is as popular for their seemingly endless stream of events, almost as much as they are for their unique and fun brews!

It’s all in good fun!

With names like Wake the Firk Up! -Oatmeal Coffee Stout, and  Don’t Look Back in Amber- Amber Ale, Manafirkin Brewing Company seems to successfully keep the balance between seriously good beer with not taking themselves too seriously. Meanwhile, A quick look at their socials confirms they are a fun bunch!

Manafirkin Brewing Co

Get ready to shake your flannels and warm your Doc Martins!

There will be some great entertainment with one of the brewery’s favorite resident DJ, Josh. Plus the Manafirkin Brewing Company boasts the much sought after Igloos that are so popular these days for keeping that outdoor feel while not feeling the chill of Winter while sampling your beers. Furthermore, according to the Brewery’s website, https://www.manafirkin.com/  to reserve an Igloo  just send them a message through their social media platforms, or email them at Manafirkin@comcast.net.

Special thanks to the folks at Ocean County Tourism for always keeping us up to date and in the loop when it comes to these fun local events!

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