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Turned out, it wasn’t really abandoned…

Get a natural gas bill lately?  That rate increase sure is noticeable.  Now, Berkeley Township’s mayor Carmen Amato has called for a rate hike moratorium following double-digit rate hikes by four natural gas providers that took effect last fall.  He says the last New Jersey Natural Gas increase was the third double-digit rate hike in six years.  Meanwhile, in Trenton, lawmakers are considering a bill that would exempt natural gas and electric bills from sales tax until the end of March to give ratepayers some relief in their bills.

Election officials in Monmouth County are asking state election officials to recertify voting machines and software updates annually.  Their request follow failures in last year’s general election that resulted in ballots in some communities to be counted twice.  Monmouth County officials also asked the state to immediately recertify election software from the company Election Systems and Software, which is a leading provider of voting machines nationwide.

So, they figured out who abandoned that 3 year old alligator in Neptune.  It was the guys who called it in, supposedly as good Samaritans.  Police say the alligator’s owner —  who had recently been evicted from his home — concocted the story with an acquaintance who called police, claiming he found the reptile.  The alligator was never exposed to freezing temperatures.  The Monmouth County SPCA says the two face charges.  The alligator has settled into its new home at the Cape May Zoo.

New Jersey lawmakers are working to bolster protections for youth sports officials.  Assembly members say bipartisan legislation would increase penalties for people who assault referees or coaches.  They say there are far too many videos of parents attacking officials at their kids’ sporting events.

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