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The Morning Rat Race Friday Morning Beer Tasting With a Twist!

I gotta say that my experience with non-alcoholic beer has been pretty bad.  It was all a feeble attempt that resulted in a watery glass of nonsense.

That’s why I was shocked by these beverages from the Athletic Brewing Company:  this stuff tastes like good craft beer.  Just somehow they made it without all the alcohol.

Bottom line:  If you’re doing Dry January like I am but miss the taste of a good craft beer?  You should try Athletic Brewing.

Mike Beck from Athletic Brewing stopped by this morning for a beer tasting.  I didn’t tell Gotts that we were about to try beer with no alcohol because I didn’t want to scare him off… I didn’t try the stuff in advance either.  I wanted my first taste to be on air.

Check out the video below and you can actually watch our faces as we try this beverage for the first time.

Mike explained to us that Athletic Brewing got off the ground by setting up their tables at the ends of athletic events like community 5ks, half-marathons, trail runs and so forth.  The people of the athletic community liked their beer because it had great beer taste but didn’t have the alcohol to take the sharpness out of their day or mess up their next work out.

These days lots of people are finding that cutting back on alcohol has been a really good thing.  That’s basically how Dryuary began, right?  Well… if you’re cutting back but missing the taste…

They have three different varieties of non-alcoholic beer at Athletic Brewing.

  • The first is like a golden ale, it’s called Upside Dawn and – no joke – it tastes more like beer than some light beers I’ve had.
  • The second is a session IPA.  Drinkable, not too bitter with a nice aftertaste.  That one is called Run Wild.
  • The third is a hazy IPA called Free Wave.  This one has all that complex fruit and pine that you’d expect.

I’m not going to lie here, there’s a mouth feel difference between the Athletic Brewing beverages as opposed to a traditional beer.  But beyond that, the taste is ridiculously good.  I’ve been doing Dry January for the past 5 years or so and I’ve always missed the taste… now I don’t have to.

Check out the on air tasting video:

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