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They have a day for everything, don’t they? Friday January 20, 2023 is “National Cheese Lover’s Day!” There are 100’s of millions of people who can’t get enough of their favorite cheeses on a daily basis. I seriously feel sorry for those who are lactose intolerant like my husband. Even though he’s lactose intolerant, he still believes it’s worth the enduring pain to chow down on his favorite cheese. His choice, Land O’ Lakes White American. How boring!

Clearly, I’m the adventure seeking cheese connoisseur in the family. I love many cheeses, even the stinky ones like Stilton, which is an English cheese, much like bleu cheese and roquefort.

Once again, I went to the passionate food lovers on social media to find out what their favorite cheeses are, and there were three overwhelming winners. If you think you know Jersey folk, you can probably guess the top 5.

Brie cheeselocatelli cheese

There were quite a few other choices too. Now I’m not going to go into the entire history of cheese for the sake of time and the risk of boring you to tears. I’m just going to give you the list in order of favorites as we celebrate the incredible world of cheese on National Cheese Lovers Day. 

Ricottabaked pasta

I’m going to keep the list generic to save time and space. For instance; when you see goat cheese listed, keep in mind that there were a variety of options mentioned, such as cranberry goat cheese, herbed goat cheese…etc.

Here we go with Jersey’s votes on their favorite cheeses.

Mozzarella, Ricotta, Sharp Cheddar, Parmesan, and Provolone took the top 5 spots. Followed by goat cheese, brie, gouda, Swiss, American, Bleu, Gruyere, Munster, Monterey Jack, and Feta. A few people raised their hand by choosing, asiago, mascarpone, Taleggio, havarti, artigiano, cottage cheese, and one person even chose beer cheese which is great slathered on a big doughy, hot pretzel.

goat cheesericotta shells

I want to thank the food warriors across social media who participated in my little survey and even shared photos. I appreciate you all.

 It’s the perfect time to discover cheese we’ve never eaten before and take the time to experiment with it.

We can jazz things up by incorporating different cheeses into different recipes, and then bask in the glow of the end result. Come on. Live a little and use artisanal cheeses for your next mac and cheese creation. I’m not saying to toss that famous blue box into the trash. I’m saying to visit your local cheese shop and do a tasting with the local cheese purveyor. They are always happy to let you try a variety of cheeses to help along your decision of what you’re going to purchase. If you take my advice, you just might surprise yourself.

Happy National Cheese Lover’s Day. Smile and say CHEESE.

My friend and colleague, Jimmy Steal did his own research to help you find the top cheese purveyors in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Please click the link and read Jimmy’s article so you can be armed and ready to go cheese shopping,

Celebrate National Cheese Lovers Day By Exploring Cheese Shops At The Jersey Shore!