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They say life is just a slice of heaven, and for fat kids like me, heaven is a good slice! That’s why I’m so excited to check out Pizza Heaven on Main Street in Belmar, right down the road from the Rat. Pizza Heaven is now occupying the spot most recently known as Doughboys Pizza. Prior to that, a generation remembers that locale by its address, 507 Main Street. A great bar that many of us had great memories in.

So now Pizza Heaven takes over with their signature 13-inch Neapolitan Pizzas. The kind our buddy Dave Portnoy would call “date pizza”, and automatically rate a 6.5. Well, lucky for us, we can rate Pizza Heaven’s Neapolitan on its own merits. The pie menu has over a dozen homemade variations of Neapolitan pizza. From Margherita and Marinara pies to more eccentric offerings, like Autumn Mushroom, and something called “The Brie” that got my attention immediately.


From the menu, it looks like it’s not just pizza in heaven either, which is nice. Expected appetizers like wings, mussels, calamari, and mozzarella sticks share the category with the likes of perogies and sausage and potato croquettes! Meanwhile, sides range from fries with cherry mayo to wood-fired mushrooms with Maldon salt. The soups and salad side of the menu looks pretty standard with minestrone and cream of mushroom soups, and something called the Heaven’s Salad highlights this section.

Pizza Heaven also boasts entrees like Chicken Parm and Florentine Salmon, burgers, and cheesesteaks, plus a kids menu. When it comes to dessert I’m excited to try the Tiramisu and something called a Nutella Pizza, with either bananas or strawberries! Yumm-O!

Pizza Heaven is BYOB, and you can see the full menu as well as make reservations at their website   https://www.pizzeriaheaven.com/  

So welcome to Belmar, Pizza Heaven!

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