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There have been plenty of musicians that have dated one another throughout history. However, one of the lesser-known musician couples might just be Godsmack’s Sully Erna and pop superstar Lady Gaga.

This was confirmed by Godsmack drummer Shannon Larkin in an appearance on the 2020’d podcast. Larkin was asked whether the two were an item at one point. He responded, “Yeah, that’s true, and that’s not, I don’t think, a secret.”

Whether you were aware of this surprising fact or not, Larkin added, “I don’t think Sully would bum out if people knew he dated Lady Gaga. I mean, she’s hot, and she’s mega-talented.” Larkin also mentioned that this news may have flown under the radar for some due to the fact that Erna is an “East Coast guy” that doesn’t have high-profile girlfriends similar to fellow rockers Tommy Lee and Travis Barker.

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Blabbermouth notes that when Godsmack released their single “Under Your Scars” in 2019, Erna shared a statement name-checking Gaga in reference to the ballad. He said, in part, “This song came to me shortly after I had spent some quality time with someone who I consider a dear friend, and have grown to admire and respect as one of the smartest and most talented artists today, Stefani Germanotta, who most of you may know as Lady Gaga.”

Erna continued, “In the short amount of time we hung out, she made me realize that we all have these imperfections, these wounds that we carry (whether they’re physical or emotional) that cut so deep they can cripple us.”


“Under Your Scars” was the third single off of Godsmack’s seventh studio album, 2018’s When Legends Rise. The track topped the Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart in July 2019. It was the 10th Godsmack song to top that chart. The band has since scored two more chart-toppers: “Unforgettable” and “Surrender,” which is the lead single from the upcoming new album Lighting Up the Sky. That LP is due out on February 24 and is currently available for pre-order at Godsmack.com.

22 Albums that Turn 25 in 2023

A number of the albums that turn 25 in 2023 mark introductions and breakouts for many popular artists.

In 1998, we were introduced to System of a Down, Godsmack and Queens of the Stone Age. The year also saw major hits albums released by The Offspring, Kid Rock, Korn, Hole, the Beastie Boys and more. Oh, and then there was Van Halen III, but that’s a story for another day.

Here are 22 albums that turn 25 in 2023.

  • Godsmack - ‘Godsmack’

    Released on August 25, 1998.

  • Korn - ‘Follow the Leader’

    Released on August 18, 1998.

  • Beastie Boys - ‘Hello Nasty’

    Released on July 14, 1998.

  • Hole - ‘Celebrity Skin’

    Released on September 8, 1998.

  • Fatboy Slim - ‘You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby’

    Released on October 19, 1998.

  • Garbage - ‘Version 2.0’

    Released on May 11, 1998.

  • Marilyn Manson - ‘Mechanical Animals’

    Released on September 15, 1998.

  • Beck - ‘Mutations’

    Released on November 3, 1998.

  • The Offspring - ‘Americana’

    Released on November 17, 1998.

  • Kid Rock - ‘Devil Without a Cause’

    Released on August 18, 1998.

  • Pearl Jam - ‘Yield’

    Released on February 3, 1998.

  • Rob Zombie - ‘Hellbilly Deluxe’

    Released on August 25, 1998.

  • Goo Goo Dolls - ‘Dizzy Up the Girl’

    Released on September 22, 1998.

  • Dropkick Murphys - ‘Do or Die’

    Released on January 27, 1998.

  • Van Halen - ‘Van Halen III’

    Released on March 17, 1998.

  • Jimmy Page and Robert Plant - ‘Walking into Clarksdale’

    Released on April 21, 1998.

  • Lenny Kravitz - ‘5’

    Released on May 12, 1998.

  • Smashing Pumpkins - ‘Adore’

    Released on June 2, 1998.

  • System of a Down - ‘System of a Down’

    Released on June 30, 1998.

  • Sheryl Crow - ‘The Globe Sessions’

    Released on September 21, 1998.

  • Queens of the Stone Age - ‘Queens of the Stone Age’

    Released on September 22, 1998.

  • Metallica - ‘Garage Inc.’

    Released on November 24, 1998.

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